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Right on the heels of Disability Awareness Month, The Hartford published the results of a Study they commissioned which found that only 49% of US workers have Short Term Disability Insurance , and only 44% have Long Term Disability Insurance, this is a drop of 6% and 3% from the previous year.  What is not revealed in the study (at least not reported in the article) is what industries were surveyed, and how the numbers changed from profession to profession.  Also, was the drop in coverage a result of employers no longer offering coverage to their employees?  Bottom line for those of us in the voluntary whether it be individual non can,  association group, or work-site marketing, there is tremendous need for our products and service.  The public needs to be better educated on the need for disability, and as I have commented many times, it is incumbent upon us as professional insurance agents to provide the proper education regarding the importance of disability insurance.

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