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The Council for Disability Awareness is a non-profit organization committed to helping educate the public on the very real issue of disability and ways to protect yourself.  As agents and brokers who either direct market or sell in the traditional face to face fashion disability insurance, the information made available by this organization is incredibly valuable.  There is a Section on the CDA website with a variety of Graphs and Charts that are free of charge to download and use (PDFs and JPGs), and are very helpful in educating your potential clients who are considering purchasing disability insurance.

They have recently updated their Long-Term Disability Claims Review (2012) as well as their Social Security Disability Insurance Data.  In addition  they have very relevant Surveys and  White Papers covering a variety of disability topics.  If you distribute disability insurance , regardless of method, I would strongly encourage you to visit the CDA Site.  This CDA does a fantastic job providing very useful information.

George Bode

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