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I recently had the honor of speaking at the AIPAGIA conference on digital marketing.  A large portion of the presentation revolved around the convergence of traditional direct marketing (DM) tactics, and digital marketing.  The old marketing tripos of “List, Offer, Creative” does carry over to the digital world.  Targeting those most likely to respond via the list, with the right offer, and creative that will attract is as critical in the digital world as it is in traditional DM.  Use of PURLs or other highly personalized creative mirrors our strategies and tactics commonly referred to as “one to one marketing”.  I just came across this Article called “How direct marketing applies to digital” published on, which validates these assertions.  The author, John Kottcamp does a very nice job in explaining these concepts.  I would encourage you to read this short but well written piece.

Please let me know if you have any thoughts or experiences with regards to DM and its application in the Digital World.

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In my last post I highlighted the Council For Disability Awareness as a tremendous resource for both consumers and insurance professionals.  A like organization called LIFEⓇ a non profit foundation provides similar resources.  This month they are featuring an message on the importance of life insurance from Buddy ‘Cake Boss’ Valastro, click Here to watch the video. As life insurance producers, we should be utilizing educational resources like the ones provided at Check out their site, great things are happening there.

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