I have just discovered that May is Disability Insurance Awareness Month–who would have guessed it.  Had I not come across this Article I would have never guessed it.  It is not as though we see a lot of public service announcements about the importance of  insuring ones most important asset–their ability to earn a living.  As an industry, we certainly see a lot more promotion and advertising for home and auto insurance and even life insurance, but I do not recall ever seeing a commercial or public service announcement about disability insurance.  Education is key, and as marketers of disability insurance we all need to do a better job promoting one of the most valuable insurance protections available-disability income.  Had I known May was dedicated to Disability Insurance Awareness, I would have encouraged our clients to promote it through their marketing and sales efforts.  I trust there are plenty of resources available that could be used in conjunction with your marketing highlighting the fact that May is Disability Insurance Awareness Month.  Next year we will be sure not to miss it. Your thoughts?

Cleverness is not wisdom–Euripides

George Bode

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