As direct marketers in the insurance space, we have all faced the dilemma of how to position our products and services with regards to a tightly controlled message.  Often times, we slip back into the habit of trying to do too much with a campaign, too many products too many options etc., which ultimately just confuses the recipient.  I found this Article in BtoB which nicely provides a brief case study dealing exactly with this issue.  My favorite and most affirming comment by the author Jon Vanzile was:  ”This is partly because it’s much harder to sell a prospect than an existing customer. So once you bring someone into your company’s fold with a highly targeted, product-specific campaign, you can concentrate on the upsell.”  We all know this, the question is are we putting this into practice on a day to day basis.  Are your campaigns focusing on a core product and offer that sells best, with the anticipation that once you have that insured on the books you can ultimately go back to upsell and cross sell?

Please share your thoughts or experiences.

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