Cranbury represents a tremendous amount of experience and expertise across numerous disciplines. This allows us to provide a comprehensive portfolio of services to our clients:

  1. Act in an intermedial role between agents/TPAs/marketers and insurance companies serving the needs of the association/affinity and special risk group marketplace.
  2. Assist agents/TPAs/marketers in developing strategic and tactical marketing plans for Life, Accident and Health products.
  3. Provide advice on sales force optimization, both inside and outside, to agents/TPAs/marketers for Life, Accident and Health products.
  4. Solutions based networking: bringing parties together with unique products/services to form profitable alliances/partnerships.
  5. Provide actuarial consulting for in-force group programs as well as the development of new insurance products.
  6. Employee benefit consultation with specialization in the union marketplace.
  7. Develop new products in conjunction with affiliated carriers aimed at responding to recent market place changes.
  8. Mentor clients in effective organic growth strategies to enhance revenue.
  9. Monitor agents/TPAs/marketers with the dual aim of mitigating premium increases and enhancing bottom line profitability for the insurance carrier.
  10. Manage and insure the smooth transfer of blocks of association/affinity business between carriers as requested. Our mission is to provide confidential advocacy for those agent/administrators seeking a new market.
  11. Ensure an economical entry to a profitable new market.
  12. Describe and demonstrate knowledge of affinity/association market place by distributing a bi-yearly analysis of past and future trends, inherent to this niche market.
  13. Continually monitor and disseminate meaningful changes in the marketplace with the express purpose of maintaining professional continuity for our clients.
  14. Monitor and insure that needed rate and product changes are introduced at the most opportune time for companies and agents.